Making the most of an internship

Hi, Core77!

I’ll be interning with SharkNinja this summer in Boston, MA. As a third-year ID student, what should I know about making the most of an internship? I have a whole list of things to explore in Boston, but since I’ve never had an internship before, I’m not sure what to expect.



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Be involved and happily do every task given to you.
Don’t sit idle, ask for work.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions and soak everything in.
Lastly, enjoy!

  1. Never say no to any task they ask you to do, always say yes and make it happen with enthusiasm, care and ensure to see it through to completion
  2. Ask every question you can think of
  3. Ask people to go to coffee
  4. Proactively find things to do
  5. Develop and pitch your own idea for the company by the end of the internship
  6. Remember, internships come to an end. Squeeze every drop you can out of it, you can sleep when it is over