Making The Grade!

sometimes, when I’m having a bad day i think to myself “am I good enough to make it as a designer!” - sometimes it spurs me on to create some of my best work, other times it makes me want to curl up in the fetal position.

what makes you better than the 100000 other designers out there? how can you showcase this - everyone can do great work so how do you make yours stand out!

i really dont want to come away from this degree designing toilet roll holders for tescos, I want to design consumer electronics for HP or samsung etc. - always have, always will

In your opinion - have you made it?/do u think u will make it?

any hints/tips/opinions are welcome!

Step 1: Find the person you know who works harder than anybody.
Step 2: Work harder then them.

The rest comes naturally.

It’s very likely that if you’re lucky you’ll start here, take advantage, learn, move on. Keep your options open, especially right out of school, your #1 objective should be getting real experience whether it’s designing plungers or the next iThing. I’m not saying you can’t get you’re dream job out of school, but most schools will lead you to believe this WILL happen, don’t be a fool, have a back up plan in case it doesn’t happen right away.

It’s a journey not a destination bro, have fun!

I like that.

We all have those days man. I had one a few weeks ago. It is the nature of what we do. We put a lot of ourselves into our work and it can be an emotional roller-coaster. The important thing is to sometimes know when to step away and take a deep breath, and plow forward. You will reach the next peak if you push through.