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Hi folks, I’m a student doing my internship right now and I’m in the midst of creating a video commercial in which I’d like to use music. I’ve looked up copyright law and the firm I’m at does not want to enter the contracts necessary to obtain big-name songs. I’m wondering: 1) Has anyone else here run into similar issues with trying to obtain music for marketing purposes and what were their solutions and 2) Where can I look to find interesting or engaging unrestricted or public domain music (songs or beats)?

You could try MySpace. Theres tons of bands on there trying to get a break, if you get in touch with them you might be able to get permission to use one of their songs.

Make sure you get it in writing, with signatures though.

I’ll ditto the other comment. There are so many out there looking to cross promote that you should have no problem finding a band whose sound you like. & That the band is looking for more notice.

Always get permission in writing. That way there is no confusion. It can be as simple as you & them writing a statement that the ‘band’ (owner of song rights) agrees to the use of its ‘song name’ in your ‘video’ for ‘x’ usage (or however you intend to use it) & spending the $3 (or whatever a notary costs in your area) to get a few copies of this statement notarized.

However, If you are looking to commercialize this in any way, I’d strongly recommend that you spend the few hundred on a lawyer to draw up more detailed papers to ensure rights & understanding.

Good Luck!!! :slight_smile:

Dan17, check out It is all free production music that you can use freely (although I think you have to give credit). It is an amazing yet relatively unknown gem in the video production world. Hope it helps, send me the finished product!

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The Myspace band is the best way to go but friends of mine have used this site in the past.

you can use my songs?

probably wont fit with the vid though

Just use stock music
One time fee…