making it look slim.......

Hey guys…just a simple question…how can you make a 17 mm phone seem thinner…have you done something similar to achieve this visually…through chamfers/use of material/point colors???Not necessarily has to be phone…

help help

by keeping the volume thin at the edges and transitioning to a thicker volume further in the object will generally appear thinner, consider the elliptical cross section of the current ipod nano

vertical stripes, play with corners and edges (chamfer, rounded, etc). Look at airplane wings (thin at edge, becomes thicker towards middle). Which is the same principal as this desk:

… and the Macbook Air

Though I am not a always fan of thinned edges.

Sometimes they feels “mousey” to me ( mouse head)

I think in the case of a rectangle , one that as a longer length in proportion to the width could also create that illusion

make part of the case clear?