Making fun of Hipsters (and Fixies)

but look at the good they do too:

We’re designers, the majority of us are already hipsters :stuck_out_tongue:

take it back :laughing:

This one is also great!

The palladium campaign is sooo good. Love the detroit and London pirate radio episodes.

Nearly every word written: makes fun of hipsters, fixies, or both. Brilliant.

Living in the #1 city for cycling in the US (I love throwing that out there for posterity sake) I see my fair share of hipsters and fixies. I proud to say I ride with brakes, prefer my jeans to have ample leg room, and my hooded sweatshirts to cover my entire head (not just the back of it…)

What city is that? NYC, Portland or SF?

Minneapolis baby.

love the dickhead song
It reminds me of a party I went to with a friend being held by a lad who had interned with him and failed to land a job, it was down Kingsland Road (obviously) in the unfurnished basement of a bar where French bar staff looked at you with distain for wanting a drink. We were the only people not wearing lensless glasses braying about what our planned projects were (flyers for a friend’s birthday party doesn’t sound like a career to me) or the band that we were about to form. Perhaps unsurprisingly we were the only two in full time design roles. The baest bit was when I got home and told my wannabe DJ flatmate about all the twats I’d seen only to find out it was her friend’s party and she only stayed home because she was ill.
However London Fields is good for a picnic in the summer and esperdrills are better than flip flops in the summer (even if you do get comedy tan lines).

Those that look the part often can’t actually play it.


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Speak for yourself, grrrrr!