Making Drinks

Hello All
I created a new blog about making mix drinks. On the blog I post recipes I have been creating over the years. But there is a twist instead of writing out measurements I have made simple illustrations in order to explain how much to add of each ingredient. I would appreciate any feedback on the blog. I would especial like people to try and make the drinks posted and let me know how it went.

Thank you in advance for the input.

While I cannot legally drink any of these, the instructions do look very clear and much easier than the usual text-only ones!

There is already a monthly blog archive on your site, but one thing I would recommend is a permanent list of the drinks that is easy-to-find from the home page. (I usually find it easier to navigate traditional websites compared to blogs, and I’m some other people think the same way).

Images are neat, maybe add some like weight to make them pop a bit more.

My only issue is the “Fresh” Margarita recipe :wink: but overall cool idea, I’ve actually thought about something similar myself

Thanks for the feedback. I have thought about varying the line weight. I was going for a clean feel to the presentation. I think a permanent list would be good I will see if I can make that happen.

Presentation can be clean with varied line weight. You really need some to make them pop. They look really cheap right now. But good idea! Keep at it.

thank you for the feedback. I will take that in to consideration. I was hoping someone would have a chance to actually make a drink from my recipes and let me know how it goes. It is Friday after all :laughing:

I think this is what you should be going for -

Picture 3.png
From here :


dang, R, those are nice. Would love a few framed.

Ya, me too. Not my work, btw.


While I cannot legally drink any of these, the instructions do look very clear and much easier than the usual text-only ones!

How ironic that your name is Rob(bie) Roy… . .

Traditionally served in a stemmed glass, after the first one, this is probably the better glassware selection.

2 1/2 oz Scotch whisky
1 tsp sweet vermouth
1 tsp dry vermouth

Like the Manhattan, the Rob Roy can be made sweet, dry, or perfect.
The standard Rob Roy is the sweet version, so there’s no need to specify a sweet Rob Roy when ordering.
A dry Rob Roy is made by substituting dry vermouth for the sweet vermouth.
A perfect Rob Roy is made with equal parts sweet and dry vermouth.

Personally… I think they’re a waste of good Scotch. :wink:

The Fancy Drinks poster reminds me of a mix drink poster that my father had. The drinks in their appropriate glasses were shown in an isometric, blue ozalid, technical drawing form. I remember it being informative yet graphically simple.

I had it but think I lost it in a move. Thought my father and his co-workers drew it up but he said he bought it somewhere. I have yet to find it anywhere.

I guess it wouldn’t be hard to create.


I have heard the same complaint about the waste of good Scotch. :wink:

There was this one time in a restaurant that I ordered a “Roy Rogers.” When I got a Rob Roy instead, it wasn’t a bad thing . . .

Not to get in the visuals, it’s hard to tell what are the proportions as the glasses are basically triangles. Like in the sweetT spin, is it equal parts of gin and sweet tea or do you put quite a bit more like 1/3 gin 2/3 sweet tea? That’s neglecting the fact that the ice should occupy some volume.

About the proportions in the drawings. The drawings are accurate so if you follow the drawing exactly 3 ice cubes and poor gin to half a glass then tea the rest of the way to the top then you will have successfully made the drink. I tried to make each drawing reflect all the details of how I make each drink personally. Down to the order in which I poor all the ingredients and how I measure.

The hard things are splashes and dashes they are not definable in a drawing or in measure form. The glasses were chosen to best represent the glasses I use personally that way I could accurately draw the proportions. As with any recipes there are variables that I can not account for so my hope is to get feedback from someone who has tried to make a drink.

Have fun mixing and I would love any input people have about drinks they like. The Rob Roy sounds interesting and I will have to give it a shake.

Hello all
Thank you for the feedback. I have made some revisions to the graphics to help make the page look a little more detailed. Here is examples of the new graphics. Thanks again for the feedback.