Making decision of Graduate ID Program- ASU, PURDUE or CCS

Hello all,

I am a Taiwan based designer and currently applying Graduate studies in US.
After 2yrs of working experiences as a product designer, I want to give myself a chance to pursue Graduate studies overseas and meet the realistic design environment in US. So I hope to attend a school having many practical projects collaborated with design firms or local companies.

Recently, I’ve received admissions in ID program from three schools- ASU, PURDUE and CCS.
I’ve read older posts of these schools but found it very few of these information.
Since hardly can I get much information on the school websites, I have to search as many opinions as possible to make my decision.
Hope someone could give me information about their faculty, facilities, living environment, reputation in industries and design network.

Any opinions you can share will be very helpful.
Thank you!

I’m a CCS Grad (1995) and would recommend the ID program to anyone - but unless they’ve expanded quite a bit, I believe they only offer an undergrad degree. Otherwise, the weather and economic surroundings are ‘challenging’.

I have a good friend on the ID faculty at ASU and can put you in touch with him if you’d like, just message me if so. I’ve been told their program is top notch these days and their environment/weather would be great.