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the makerbot thing-o-matic looks interesting for me but the small bed-size is a dissapointment but recently they launch the replicator which have a much larger capacity and looks tempting considering their low price point, I know it still have limitation such as low-res and limited material type.
Any studio out there have this makerbot? how does it perform for prototyping stuff?

I have two thing-o-matics’, they are alright. I use to work with a Dimensions sst machine. I have high hopes for the replicator. I will probably get a replicator too when they drop, I was also looking at the Ultimaker. I wouldn’t say they are low-res, they can do a surprisingly good job with no support material, and they are pretty dependable, the printing resolution depends on the material diameter and the nozzle size. One machine can do .4mm and the other can do like .25mm, the head movement is spot on. There is a good google group for makerbots btw.

How does it work without support material? Do you need to have “make-able parts”

One of the things I like about the Dimensions SST was getting really creative in jamming parts into a long build. Would this work on the Makerbot?

You could fill the platform, when it comes to small things say gears it can be handy, otherwise I just rock one part at a time. However if you want to do this, you will need to load all your models into a single file, then save it as an stl. then load it to the replicatorG programe, then build the gcode. That sounds like a lot of work but it only sounds that way. As far as support material goes, you get good at figuring it all out. Also splitting up larger parts then glueing them (or whatever you want to use) is something you can figure out for what others have done.

wow, the ultimaker offer a giant capacity with a lower price (compared to replicator) now I’m even more confuse to choose replicator, ultimaker or reprap :slight_smile: any suggestion on pro/cons on those three?
also this makes me think, why there isnt any china made extrusion 3d printer out there? (other than UP!) since the technology aspect looks very reachable by them to produce it.

I like the Ultimaker a lot, I do not have one however. But I did just order a Replicator, for work for a education project we are working on. Once I get the Replicator in I’ll write up a review of it, and compare it to the Thing-o-Matics that I have.