Maker Space

I just found out about a cool maker space in the suburbs of the city I live in. It’s open until 8pm 7 days and membership is $11 a week.

Thinking of joining up. I’ve been trying to work out how to fund a home workshop to build furniture and other products, but this could get me started without the initial outlay.

Has anyone on here joined one of these spaces? Pro’s / Cons?

Post a link of the place so it’s easier to compare.

I’ve been a member of this place for a few years. I joined as it was a great option to putting together my own shop.

Last I knew Artisan’s was one of the largest in the US and from the very few other makerspaces that I’ve seen, it’s far ‘better’ equipped, so not sure how applicable the pro/com comparisons will be, but here they are for Artisans.

Presently I rent my own 10’x12’ space within Artisan’s and a 24/7 access membership.

-Lots of equipment - wood, metal, welding, paint, electronic, jewelry, screen printing, computer… shops and spaces.
-Many companies have donated software, so can learn/practice with the latest versions of Solidworks, Autodesk and other industry software.
-Many creative and friendly people to meet and who are usually willing to help.
-Wide variety of classes - laser welding was my last.
-Personal shop cubical to call my own and for storage.
-Walking past lots of interesting projects, with most folks willing to talk about them.
-If you want to teach a class (for $) you can.
-24/7 access (as an option).
-Devoted volunteers and stuff that, keep the place going, deal with all sorts of issues, plan for the future and do all sorts of community and corporate outreach stuff. They deserve many, many, many (x1000) thanks for the hard work.
-Many varied opportunities to help run (learn to run) an organization like Artisan’s.
-Good microbrewery 2 doors down

-Walking in and finding equipment is broken/in poor shape and the last user didn’t tag it out, or notify anyone.
**A number of start-ups have left due to the unreliability of equipment.
**Artisan’s management is doing their best with limited resources, but it can take a while for equipment to be fixed.
-Walking in and finding the person before you left the equipment a mess.
-Hipster bouldering gym next door (fixie required to be a member :wink: though they do give us a neighborly 10% discount )

-Due to the varied quality of (mostly) power tools, I have purchased many of my own. However this is still better than having to purchase ‘everything’ I need.

-People stealing your stuff/ideas. I haven’t really heard or seen this, and everyone I have met seems solid and honest, but it’s a possibility. But like in general, you should protect your ideas as needed.

That’s it off the top of my head.


For that price, just go for it, and if it isn’t for you, you can continue with your home workshop. I’ve been working out of a coworking space with a small workshop for two years now. Love it! Lots of people with different skills, great for when you’re stuck. And made new friends too of course!

Yes, go for it, that is a great opportunity!
Can you post a link? I can refer to local government about this as our fablab is multitudes more expensive.

Most important is a neat facility with a structured work approach, storing materials, own desk, machine availability, power outlets etc. but of course for the price you can’t expect much.