Make your cycle, an electric cycle...

What do you guys think of this:

a bolt on product which should fit most bikes

I’m assuming this is just the powertrain and doesn’t include the battery pack? The battery is usually the ugliest part on electric bikes, Hard to really give any meaningful feedback based on two renders and no other info.

It will include the battery pack - some more photos up and few more to follow.

What is with everyone and this fad to motorize bikes? Seriously, its a bike…Get some exercise and pedal the thing. I have a feeling most people need to burn the calories anyway. The The more weight you lose, the easier it is to pedal so its a win-win.

Lol i like your optimism.

You can still pedal it - this will just assist the less abled cyclists up those big ol’ hills!

working prototype:

Looks interesting, awesome that you’re making a working prototype. How much power are you expecting this to generate? Also from your rendering the battery pack looks really slim, what battery technologies are you using?

We’re expecting it to put out around 150-250 watts (250 being the European max) & we’re using state of the art Lithium-Ion batteries.

I’ll try and get some pics up of the road test!

p.s nice portfolio

Some new photos up:

looks interesting, but how does it feel to have the propulsion on the front wheel of a bicycle?

Comes to mind.

Björn if you look at the relationship of the seat to the center-line of the front wheel there probably isn’t what, six inches? Essentially you are sitting on top of the front wheel (driving wheel), as opposed to a contemporary “two-wheeler” where the rider’s weight is spread between the two wheels. It’s almost a uni-cycle.

Yeah, you are right, it’s more like a unicycle with one trainingwheel… I should have used the picture of that Tonka truck I considered instead. It’s just that to me it seems a bit awkward have a front wheel drive (or 2wd at best) on a bicycle, but I’m neither a bicycle or a motorcycle expert. I’m sure one of you guys with that kind of expertize have some relevant insigh in to that.

I’m sure it’s doable, but would it require practise or adjustment of the users cycling balance/skills?

I’m not sure if the real issue is with the front wheel being driven, but I have to imagine having all of that extra weight on the forks has to have some negatives. Extra unsprung weight tends to not be a good thing, and in this case it might affect steering and suspension response.

It doesn’t feel any different to ride, it just gives a you a helping hand up the hills! The whole unit is approx just under 2kg so there isn’t a huge amount of additional weight and is much lighter/more robust than a hub motor. It also can be removed very quickly if you fancy a bit of down hill action, and can used with through axles unlike hub motors - so can be used on anyone’s existing bike.

With regard to un-sprung weight the battery can be mounted on the frame if desired. All hub motor bikes have additional weight on the forks and higher inertia in the powered wheel.

Just look how much fun this kid is having… :smiley: