Major site overhauls...check them out

Interesting…lots of page views but not one comment. Whats up with that!!

Site design looks fine to me ( - not that I’m overly qualified to judge web design other than from the standard web user viewpoint)

However I must say that I absolutely love the supportively seamed leather eyelet technique that you have used on the ‘Finn’ unit!

Your unathourdox and almost awkward Heyday logo placements also capture my imagination…

Will be watching the Heyday product lines with interest and wishing you well all the while drdoodle.

Loving the new look of the Heyday site. It seems more user friendly and inviting. I really like the background “wallpaper”, but I think it could use a little more contrast. I am sure you played around with it, so its just a thought. is simple and to the point, showcasing your work. Do you use the site to gain more exposure for Heyday or to find freelance work? I think that you might want to categorize the portfolio a little further because it is a little overwhelming. Other than that it looks pretty clean. Let just say I’m taking notes…