major in ID or Furniture?

Hi! I’m a freshman in design school. Ultimately, I’d like to be a furniture designer. My school offers separate furniture and ID programs. I’m having a hard time with this decision. I figure if I major in ID I can go into furniture while keeping other job opportunities open , though I’d really like a focused education geared toward my passion, and I’d like to know as much about furniture as possible. Apparently, for whatever strange reason, the ID and Furniture departments at my school don’t cross over too much, and I know that taking classes out of one’s major is pretty difficult. Any thoughts on the matter? Would I be shooting myself in the foot by majoring in furniture? Thanks. : )

I majored in ID and I have professionally designed 6 or 7 contract furniture pieces. The impression I get re a furniture design major is that those programs are more oriented toward finely crafted one offs than mass production pieces. I think as an industrial design major you will learn less about wood selection and joinery techniques (and other topics), but the skills you learn will be applicable to furniture design anyway.

Thank you for your input bcpid!

Can anybody offer insight on the amount of industrial design majors working in furniture VS. the amount of furniture majors working in furniture?

Just out of curiosity, design school are you at?