major change

I just begun my education on product design and its really becoming an issue that I can’t find the passion or the excitement for the major. I don’t mean any offense to anyone here but everyone is different and has different interests and I respect every designer here. I just want some advice from the professionals and how you guys went through school with so much pressure and stress and expectations from school. Did you guys ever doubt or have any negative thoughts on industrial design major. Have you ever thought about changing majors? I’m really having a tough time majoring in industrial design, not because I’m not doing good in school right now, I think its because I don’t have the passion yet and passion is the most important feature in becoming a designer. Please, I need some advice and tips on what I should do. If I really do decide to change major, it would most likely be advertising.

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If you don’t have the passion, it’s going to be a really long 4-5 years. I would go back and think about why you entered industrial design…because you love to draw and build stuff and figure out seemingly impossible problems?

Going through school for me was hard but it felt really good. Everything I learned seemed like it mattered or would matter in the future. Now as a professional designer and undergraduate drawing teacher, I see that ID just isn’t for some people, and for others it’s a mecca. To succeed in ID you need have to be passionate about it and also be exceptionally skilled.

You ask a very tough question and there are probably a lot of people feeling the same way as you. Good luck.

what school are you at?

I think Brett really hit the nail on the head.

For me school was very challenging, but I think school should make you question yourself. Every time that happened for me I went back to why I got into design in the first place, as Brett suggests. It wasn’t to make a ton of money (that is for sure) or for any other reason other than it just felt like who I was, no matter what.

If you were a garbage collector, would your day be spent dreaming of a better garbage can?..

I go to Art Center…yea both of your comments really helps me a lot…I’ll be talking to some counselors also and see where I’m at.

I think it’s like a lot of things - it’s the competition that is a prime motivator, a driver, a calling to do things ‘better’ than the next guy or girl or firm. Your drive for competition should come from within.

Also like in any competition, you have to choose your battles - you can’t try to win every one - but you stake your claim to certain aspects of the profession or study, and make that your own.

For 4 out of 5 years I wanted to change schools and majors.