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Over the past months I have been disappointed in the number of Industrial Design posts and articles on the Core77 main page. It appears that the extraneous inspirational content far outnumbers the true Industrial Design content.

Posts - I often find myself turning to sites like Uncrate and NotCot for the latest product inspiration, these are great sites but often lack the focus on design that Core77 could contribute. Maybe there could be a product of the week that features a very detailed review on the form, materials and design philosophy, similar to what Andrew Kim is doing over at
Articles - There are a several articles written a few years back that I still reference today, the periodic table of form, TDK Ziba Boombox , Nasa studio, and frog Mobia, these articles were exceptional at showing real work and process – which produced phenomenal results. Its these types of articles that have a practical effect on my workday.

I understand we need outside influences but we also can’t forget the product (digital and physical)
I really enjoy the Core77 brand and its established infrastructure, and don’t want to change my homepage but sometimes I feel like its lacking.

Am I missing something or are their others that feel this way?

Totally +1000. I agree. I’d like to see more in the trenches, work for hire related content. I have about zero interest in oneoff museum piece “design” and theoretical discussions etc. Show me what paid studios are doing 24/7. Talk about the business and daily grind of design.

+1 what they said…

Agreed. I’ve been frequenting the website less often because I honestly just can’t relate to the topics anymore. I fell in love with hipstomp’s recent case studies of pure form & function designs: Akro-Mils Industrial Storage Solutions, Part 1: Indicator Bins - Core77. However, pages of loosely ID-related conferences, panel discussion transcripts, high-brow products and iphone apps either fail to interest me or I could find this information elsewhere. Not to say those articles aren’t relevant, but I’d like to see more of a spectrum being represented.

It’s been a long time complaint. I’m sure that I’ve read another 2-3 threads just like this. I think it doesn’t help that it is spring. Not a lot seems to happen in spring, but we all have time to hit the blogs.

Glad to hear there are similar opinions out there. Hopefully this type of discussion will influence future posts and articles!

Biggest thing that someone can do to change it: submit an article to Core77. I’ve done a few now. Great fun. The editors are helpful and very encouraging.