mailers and teasers, or teasing mailers

Ok about to commence the massive mail-outs to companies. I would like some quick advice: I have 1-page teasers per project with good visual aesthetics and all the eye-candy stuff, with some showing function features. Is it rpetty much mandatory to stick in some sketches in there, even if it messes the layout up?

Should I save process and sketches for when they want more, or do I jam it all up there with the first thing i send out with my resume?

thanx guys.

Hmmm- Start out with your hero shots of models, computer renderings or rendered sketches. Wow us first- then explain how you got to the wow by showing process. End with another hero.

Show your best 2-3 projects.

thanx so much. So im thinking of sending 2 one-page teasers of 2 projects(for the eyecandy stuff, no sketches just beauty shots) and a longer teaser of another project to show process…does that sound good?

no- managers need to see process. The hero shots are the bait that make them want to bite, your process sketches are the hook that make them contact you. Process sketches are bread and butter- they show that you can truly explore many different design directions- which means that you are more likely to hit upon a feasible design solution- which also means that you have truly digested the product parameters in your head.

It might be Ok but I fear that the project with no process sketches might have no context

IMO, you need to show more than 2 projects - consider putting forth about 6. 2 projects will not be enough info and you’ll be skipped.
Alternatively, put together something small and creative with a link to a more comprehensive website. And remember, no massive flash files, you’re not applying for a webdesign job. keep it simple.