Magnetic Cushion System

I was looking through some old sketches and found this. It’s a shame this idea hasn’t come to fruition but I’d say it’s a million dollar idea.

  1. Pumps
  2. Air Bubbles
  3. Shox
  4. MAGNA CUSH (just made that up haha)


I think you’d need some pretty big magnets to oppose the impact force. You could maybe use some electro magnets that charge from the footstrike but would be seriously complicated and probably not as good as a pressurised airbag. Also heavy and overly complicated for a shoe!

How about a fully magnetised BB court with anti-gravity style opposing magnets i the shoes… Now that could make things interesting! Especially if the players fell over and became stuck to the floor.

While that is somewhat true. It’s not like the “Pump” actually pumps up your sneaker. Or the shox is actually much of a suspension system. I personally think it’s more about the concept. The idea of a magnetic force as the cushion system could be marketed in so many ways. I don’t know maybe I’m wrong, but the idea seems promising. Thanks for your feedback.

Then what are you waiting for :slight_smile:?

the power to change the laws of physics, perhaps?


I’ve been involved in the development of a very similar concept for about three months now. I think it’s a great idea but have a few reservations (impact snapping the magnets, bonding, finding strong enough magnets, just to name a few), hence we are only working on the concept whenever we get a bit of spare time. As you said though, the concept is very promising!