Magnet Replacement

Does anyone know good alternatives to magnets? Costs for magnets have risen slowly over the years and it does not show signs of slowing down.

Could you give more background. It depends on how you are trying to use it. You could go steel + magnet. You could mold clips into an enclosure to replace the magnet. You could hang something from a hook. You could use adhesive…

Not sure if this would apply but If it is a moving application Eddy Currents for moving parts (use aluminum rails) a much cheaper option then magnets.

Just a magnet attached to a piece of plastic that holds a piece of paper on a dry erase like board.

Suction cup.


VHB tape

That 3m pull off tape stuff.


Seriously, use either one of these. Plastic to paint has great adhesion.

Maybe I shoud have mentioned that it needs to be reusable. Similar to Ghecko tape but not in the fact that it actually has to hold for a significant amount of time and needs to be cheaper. I would like to be able to eliminate the magnet and the metal behind the board if possible. Biomimicry directional adhesive like materials. See wiki below.

So, you’re concerned with rising costs of magnets? Yet, unproven, potentially theoretical adhesives are within budget?

I would agree that magnets costs will continue to rise, but will they rise at a rate higher than other material costs? With the application you’re describing, the strength of your magnet probably doesn’t need to be very much… you could get some cost savings by dialing back the strength a bit.

suction cup.


A perfect application for either an indentured servant, or an intern … it could be argued that there isn’t any difference between the two.

  1. thumbtack and cork board

  2. little thumbtack sized points sticking out of the board like a bed of nails, just press the paper onto the nails. have bandaids around…

  3. a reverse table hockey table, so like a vaccuum table vertically

  4. statically charge the board so the paper sticks to the board.

  5. I second the indentured servitude, thumbtacks also work with the indentured servants back, or thumbs.

  6. spray adhesive, once it’s on, it stays on and everything will stick to it repeatedly.

  7. turn the board 90 degrees in the Z direction and let gravity do it’s things, make sure you close the windows.

Suction cup tape. Seems kinda cool.