indeed. look forward to catching you there!

just thought i’d bring this thread up again as the show dates are getting close.

anyone else out there planning to hit the MAGIC/Project/Pool/United shows, drop a message here or PM me. would be great to hook up.

As well, if anyone has any Las Vegas recommendations (shopping, food, parties) would be happy to hear it. first time in vegas.



Dam, I haven’t checked into these boards in a while. I was at WSA, went there with another designer. Basically was there for checking out trends etc. Very closed booths but I managed to get into most. The main halls were pretty quiet and not so interesting. But I enjoyed checking out the “Collections” over at the Venetian. More lifestyle and more relaxed about visitors coming in.

Never though about trying to network for freelance work, but I should do actually. Nice idea there Traveler9.

rkuchinsky, If I remember correctly you are with Hummel right? Did you manage to see the Swear for Hummel collection over in Swear’s suite in the Venetian? Not bad.

I am no longer with hummel and now have my own design consultancy, but I have seen the Swear capsule collection :slight_smile: