I used to subscribe to ID and, as I am sure many of you experienced, my subscription was changed to Print when ID died. I never really got into reading Print and I am looking for a new magazine. My wife likes Dwell and wants me to get a subscription to that but I was hoping folks on the boards here could make suggestions for some good design magazines (I am not opposed to Dwell, I am just looking to see what is out there). I currently get Wired and Make and I need some others to add to my bedside reading pile.

Any design-oriented suggestions? Any type of design or architecture should be pretty interesting so I would appreciate any all all suggestions.


A much discussed topic on these boards but new ideas are always welcome… :wink:


I did a quick search before posting, but I did not look back more than 2 years considering the recent failure of a bazillion magazines.

Thanks for the link!

well I like Icon a lot as wella s Frame.
Wallpaper (an obvious one) is more for eye candy than editorial content but nice nonetheless.

If I feel really splurgy, I might get Abitare or Intrmuros but they are in Italian and French.
Also on my reading list, German Form Magazine. very very good with useful insights.

Abitare … there’s an old design oriented magazine, although I thought they stopped publication for a while (?). Maybe as old as [u]Domus[/u] which was first published in 1928.

Our office has a ton of subscriptions to many of the above and a few others, I will rout through on Monday, but I have to say, I don’t read magazines much anymore… I like to read content online, but one magazine I always look forward to reading (flipping through) is Carr: just sketches, printed on newsprint, large format:

just sketches, printed on newsprint

Outstanding! Newsprint is junk, as we know, but it’s also great stuff. And cheap. As a student, when you remove the stigma of having to spring for expensive sketch pads, your drawing skills improve a much quicker rate. Nice work, they’re pushing the envelope on the media.

I used to buy the “end rolls” that are left when the press operator switches rolls (before the roll runs out), and make my own sketch pads; there were usually a couple of hundred feet left on a roll.