Magazines Subscriptions

Is there any design magazines you would recommend?

Playboy if you like to read articles, Hustler if you like pics :wink:

on a serious note, whats your interest?

entrepreneur, Time, Newsweek, not really sure if there are any quality design mags out there. it used to be ID, but thats no longer an option from what im seeing and hearing…i personally love core77. great info, helpful people and its amazingly free! :slight_smile:

hah no i meen design magazines

this has been asked before:

not strictly product design, but a good overall mag i like is Surface. Nice mix of product, fashion, graphics, etc. and not too much the same issue after issue like most of the rags out there like wallpaper, ID, etc.

As well, the new mag by Tyler Brule (of Wallpaper fame), Monocle is a good read with solid content and product. A Wallpaper for the thinking/business person you could say.


DWELL; not strictly ID, but then neither am I. … .

great mag, but a little too heavy on the northwest/green vibe for me to be practical. still i buy almost every issue or so.