Mag wheel

Hey how is everyone?

I am 17 years old and I really love 3D modelling…

This is my first “proper” final product, I did it during class time, while the rest of the class learnt how to use Rhino. It was modelled in Rhino 3.0 using Flamingo 1.1 to render it. Let is know what you think.

Well done. That is a great rendering for a first timer.

A small spotlight, properly placed, could help to bring out the tread pattern on the tire.

Keep up the great work.

Watch the shadow under the tire. It looks like its floating a bit. Also, try a little more texture on the tire, just a bit more of a rubber texture would keep it from looking too plastic-y.

But, nice work for a beginner…

I had to try and guess the tyre texture because the Flamingo had no actual rubber texture, and I couldn’t find any seamless tyre textures or bump maps the all looked retarded lol, do you have any links for good texture sites?

I’m really keen on this stuff, I love doing it, I can’t concentrate on much stuff but this I can just entrap myself in it and jsut let myself go! I’d love to get a job doin this stuff, but I dunno if I’m good enuff :confused:

nice work

i dont know if you’ve visited it already, but you will probably enjoy too

they seem to be quite into the whole 3d rendering thing over there

anyhow, keep it up.