check it out…What are those ideas about ? Are those people inventors…or Designers?

Would you want to be an inventor or designer …inventor = designer…designer are inventors…INVENTOR VS DESIGNER !!(‘:evil:’)

I don’t think inventor think the same way has designers…what do you think? :neutral_face:

Inventors design stupid gadgets that nobody needs. Oh wait, so do most designers.

why would you post that on a design site?

And kids, don’t forget to set your Tivo’s for tonight’s episode.


thinking about the current flood of viewer-judged ‘competiton shows’ (So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing With The Stars, etc.) this may actually be a legitimate forum for viewer interaction.

of course that doesn’t mean it will be…

An ego that big deserves a big picture like this.

p.s. notice the transformation he’s gone through since.

Hey Deez you Rashid’s sister or something. Or just a fan. Or being facecious. So puzzling. :confused:

Hey man, that is seriously uncalled for. Although I think it did scare the fleas off my cat.

ps: I think the blazer ol’ Karim was sporting last night was sponsored by Visine. It made my eyes bleed.

whats up with those tattoo’s he has. I cant really tell what they are. looks like crap from a distance.

I realize Karim Rashid is not very much liked in the design industry, but on the flip side, the fact that he’s on this show at least helps shed light on the industrial design profession during a critical point in time when designers are becoming more and more recognized and respected by the general public.
While Karim might not be the best choice as a judge for this particular show, I’d say we should all be thankful to him, whatever his personal motives may be.

I have seen much older pictures of him when he worked in Toronto for KAN.
I will see if I can dig one up. Before he found style.

I watched my Tivo of this yesterday and was pretty impressed.

Industrial Designers were called in to help the inventors improve their products and the judging was intelligent and fair. Karim did a good job and built some credibility IMO.

The most painful thing to watch was the inventors who fall in love with their original concept and only hear what they want to. I think we can all relate to that.

I’m rooting for the guys with the football shoulder-pad hydration system with the “Gorrilla Grip” a close second.

i don’t know if you’ve played football or not but my experience has been unless you take your helmet off atleast for a few seconds hydration won’t work that well.

Yeah, I like the hydration system too, it would be so useful for every day use, not mention all the granmas, students, businessmen, soccer moms, kids, etc. that could benefit from it.

will it have any hold-ups due to the camelbak though??

Just like an engineer too! I agree it was sad to see that engineer stuck on the waterfall concept after being advised that they could do so much more with the oasis foam. How about pregnating it with seeds and throwing a hunk of it in all that flood water. Maybe they could grow the island of Newer Orleans.

Those Women with modular shoe were pathetic! They were an embarrassment. I hope they cut that cobbler in if their product goes to market.

How about that egg project?. What an Art Center ID-101 rip!

Karmin has some good things to say but I have a hard time looking at him. Does he have to be a product too?

I like the Gorilla Grip and the Quad Zipper. The zippers potential has not been realized yet.

That’s what I’ve been saying all along!

art center rip??

that egg crap has been done in junior high science classes 60 years before the founder of art center had his first homoerotic thought as a child.

Who gives a shit, go back to doing your jobs…