Just came across and from first impressions it looks great!

Selling furniture they cut out the middleman and go straight to manufacture and save 50%-80% on the high street price.

As a consumer this looks like a great website that I’ll definitely use, providing that the designs are great! And they’ve just recieved £2.5m investment.

Though how does this effect designers? I’m not a furniture designer, anyone care to give an insight into how this space usually work in terms of relationship between designer, retailer and manufacturer?

wow, this is all good. If you look at the web site, it has profiles of all the designers involved with the site. who knows how the profits are split between manufacturer and designer, but this looks like it has the potential to let designers develop their own style and market it on a large scale without having to become a pretentious PR celebrity like some “big names” who will remain un named.

There was a similar post like this one, it was; if you go an check the website, than you will notice that designer’s get 5% on sale of their designed furniture. Rightly so, since they are manufacturing, shipping,etc. So I guess it will be same with as well. Only experience people over here can only tell is it; profitable to manufacture your own stuff or like things will be more helpful to start with as a designer.

From buyer’s perspective this is awesome, nice designs at very afordable price. Thank you for bringing this up.