Made a word viz of the 20 recent junior ID Job listings.

To see what are the most common required/desired skills of new job listings, I took the qualifications/skillsets/requirements sections of the twenty most recent Junior level ID job listings. I omitted exhibit, assistant, and manager jobs.

The larger the word, the mort instances in the listings.

Very interesting!

My eyes gravitate towards ‘Solidworks’ being bigger than ‘Sketching’ but then quickly dart across ‘Communication’

Well done. Very interesting seeing it this way (although a nice bar graph might be more legible).

Included on the smaller words: creative, needs, collaborate, and think.

Someone want to take a crack at using the ten biggest in a sentence? And then we can all use it in our next job postings on Coroflot? (sarcasm)

Industrial design degree, strong communication skills in sketching, and excellent Solidworks ability are a plus for this manufacturing environment.

Done and done. One sentence job listing.


Where do I send my resume?