Mad Max Interceptor- new concepts

They look more supercar than muscle car to me:

I don’t see them fitting into the FORD Brand DNA and I don’t see them
as mad max either. Perhaps I’ll understand better after seing the flick.

Loved the old ones:

Top notch work to suit the Brand and the film:


Looks more KITT than interceptor

Yeah, the beauty of Mad Max was that the police were trying to keep order in an impossible situation, namely post nuclear war. The cars were outfitted and maintained with a “use whatever we have” manner. unless the posted car finds a way to get uglier in a great way it doesn’t work.

That would fit something like Night Rider but not Mad Max.

Too clean!! needs to be rat’d.

This new one does not have it. They should have started with the current Challenger or Charger, or a Camaro, then pop on a blower and some thick back tires, brush guards on the headlamps :wink:

Ironically that is what they did for the new Knight rider. They got it the wrong way round!