Macbook Pro hard disk upgrade

I upgraded my macbookpro’s hard disk last night. (it’s a fall 2007 rev) Has anyone else attempted this? The 160gb 5400 rpm drive it came with was so puny, I was bumping up against capacity all the time. It is also kinda slow. Since my warranty expired last spring, I figured what the hell, let’s give the old girl a shot in the arm. I chose a western digital scorpio black drive. It’s a sata2 320GB 7200 rpm /16mb cache. It benches much faster than stock and is damn fast for a 2.5" drive. (on newegg for $80)

For a mac, the install was actually pretty easy. A bunch of tiny screws and you’ll need a very small torx. You have to remove the top keyboard panel to gain access.

I used diskutility to image my old drive and restore. She booted up this morning! All is well so far. :smiley:

I did it with my macbook (late 2006) , but I choose to stay with a 5400rpm drive. I was concerned about potential heat problems with a faster (hotter) drive. My macbook runs fairly hot according to istat and smcfancontrol. So, short of getting a “laptop cooler”, I’m kind of stuck with my temps… ymmv.

Anyway, I hope all is well with yours. Did you use SuperDuper!? It worked like a charm for me…

I’d like to do this in about a year or so when 120 GB becomes way too small (I’m still managing with a 1TB External).

But I did get the Snow Leopard developer’s build installed (the gold master), and the only real change is in Finder/the actual system stuff. None of the programs are actually supporting the 64 bit yet.

One of the great things about this 7200 drive (as opposed to the seagate drives from what I’ve heard) is that the heat increase is really minimal. I’m chillin at 50 C right now, surfing and streaming HD video content over wifi. I use SMC too, and always keep on the higher RPM mode anyway. It is noticably faster. Photoshop loads much faster, and psds. Firefox loads much faster (which if you know, on a mac, takes forever) I’m quite pleased.

If you have the generation before mine, it probably has an older core2 or core processor which ran much hotter.