Macbook Pro busted LCD

Hey guys, some how I cracked the LCD on my MBP. Any of you know how much they are to replace? I have done some research and keep getting different results. I am heading to the Apple Store tomorrow, but was hoping to avoid getting it done through them given that I am sure it is going to be ridiculously expensive.


Check out for parts and repair guides.

Dunno how this happened to you, but when it comes to protecting the screen while closed this is something Apple’s laptops have been bad at for years (since the aluminium powerbook at least). Too much focus on form over function imo. The machine looks great with that thin frame around the screen, but it offers no protection if you get any pressure on the lid.

I know its not exactly the same but a line appeared on my iMac and the whole LCD had to be replaced, fortunately under warranty but it would have been £250ish, i imagine a little less for MBP because the screen is smaller, but this is apple, so maybe not.

Check ebay for spares. Ifixit is informative but expensive.

Having previously worked at a genius bar, my best advice is to go in, be really honest about the fact that you broke your computer, say you feel about that you did it, and ask if there is anyway they can ease the cost of fixing it.

After spending a long day listening to people complain about prices and lie about how things broke, having someone come in, act like a human, and take responsibility never went unrewarded.

Do the workers at the genius bar even have the authority to negotiate repair prices?

You can get replacement MBP screens online for less than $100. Yes they are probably made in China but I’ve found the quality of some of these lcd’s to be equal to the OEM stuff. My gf cracked her iPhone 4 LCD and I got a replacement off Amazon for $50, disassembled the phone, threw that bad boy in and it was as good as new. You couldn’t even tell it wasn’t OEM (or WAS IT?).