Macbook Pro 15"? or Macbook Pro 17"?

Hi guys,

I just would like to get the poll of everyone. Being ID’ers which one you prefer, Macbook pro 15" or Macbook pro 17"?

I am planning to buy a laptop end of the month, i cant decide which size to buy. I will use this for my industrial design works and my softwares are Rhino, Alias and adobe.

Appreciate your help.


hey I had the same dilema back in september. Went with the 15’', best decision ever. More mobile, fits perfect in my bag, nice and large screen and for the 300$ price difference or so, you go and pick-up a large LCD sreen when you work at home. i’m really hapy with my choice and have the best of 2 worlds IMO, both at home and at school.

@ GHarvey_ID: Thank you for your feedback. I guess i will just go for the 15" and max the RAM.