MAcbook pro 13' or 15'?

I’m looking to get a laptop that is a mac, hopefully I will be attending industrial design university so it would be used for that. Anyone been checking out the new updated mBP’s. It’s a huge price difference, but will I actually need the i5 for example in the next few years? Any tips? Opinions?

You might not need it immediately, but sooner or later, the i5 will come very much in handy. 3d software, a lot of illustrator, photoshop and what not, running at the same time. And the performance of the i5 and i7’s is so much higher than the c2d.

I’d definately not buy the 13" now, since it will probably get updated not to far from now.

I think the 13" macbook pro will be updated soon too. What you get now is pretty much just a macbook with firewire, card reader and an alu body (I think the macbook and 13" macbook pro have the same panel in the screen now). I don’t think it will stay like this and expect it to get i3 and/or i5.

Another thing is, if you go for the 13" you will need to get an external monitor if you plan to do serious work on it. With the 15" you can manage without, but of course, it is always nice to have some more space…

Thats very true. I’m sick and tired of working on a 15" now for the last 5 years.
The only negative side about the iX’s models (except for the price), is that they seem to get freakishly warm. But on the other hand, so does mine now a days.

I’ve read claims about the 13" having a inferior screens to the larger version too i regards to color , but not sure if it was ever verified.

I see, thank ya’ll.

Don’t do 13". And YESSSS get the i5. People who think “oh I won’t need ___ because I dont need that much processing power” are going to regret it after 1 year. Processing power gets better every year, and software capabilities are upped because of the available processing power. Best bet is to buy the most advanced you can now so that you can keep running the CAD packages that come out in 3-4 years, instead of being cheap now, and then realizing you can’t run Solidworks 2013 because you don’t have enough juice.

But seriously, i5/i7 is REALLY awesome. Go to for some tips. Theres a section on when to buy Macs. I believe the 13" Macbook is under DO NOT BUY right now. 15/17" just got upgraded. I’d say 15 is good, plus a second monitor.