Mac with windows, what the best solution?

Hi everyone,

I bought my first Macbook pro 5 months ago and i would like to instal windows but I don’t know what the best solution btw Parallel or boot camp? (without loosing my data :smiley: )

I’ve been reading thing about it, but want to have the ID comunity point of view, advices from people experienced with this kind of stuff.
I would like to run Alias, 3ds max and solidworks (not all together) as it’s not possibel to find them yet for mac, and some other soft how don’t run on mac.

I know it possible to select some core to do rendering and keep the other’s one to work on Photoshop or modeling but I don’t know who to do it, and ve been looking for it on the past post but didn’t find anything.
So if you have tut or advice or link on the web to do it, I will be pleased to read them.

Thank’s for your help and time.



Do a search of the forums and you should find everything you need. This has been asked quite a bit. If you don’t find what you need or have any more specific questions it will be easier to give you advice.

hi loyflut, Justin is correct that this topic has been discussed quite a bit on these forums and you should be able to find the answers to your questions regarding windows on the mac. That being said, Alias is available on the mac now. Starting in 2010 Autodesk released Mac versions of all the Alias products. As well Autodesk recently announced support for products like 3Ds Max, Inventor, AutoCAD and others fully supported on the Mac under Parallels, fyi.


Hi all,

Thank you for your time.

Thank you “Cyberdemon” for your advice but I will choose the opposite Parallels.
Thinking that bootcamp is a pain to use if i have to switch off on system to have acces to the other on.
If I understand well who it work… and even if I know it’s not their is some loose of efficency with it, but I guess that ok!? :confused: .

Thank you “Jameg2169” I didn’t know that Alias was already availabe for mac and 3Ds max gonna have support with parallels, perfect.

Thank you “PackageID” for you help, will try my best to look for next time.

TX for your time.


I have not tested real world performance with the newest version of parrallels, but keep this in mind.

When running parallels, you are now running TWO operating systems + your cad software. This means your memory requirement will be much higher and your available memory to your 3D applications much lower. I have not used the most recent version of parallels, so while I know their 3D support has improved (it didn’t exist at all 2 years ago) I do not know if it is actually capable enough to comfortably run Solidworks.

I currently use both bootcamp and vmware fusion with windows 7 64 bit (and previously vista x64) which works out pretty well. When I need to do light solidworks stuff I use fusion to load the bootcamp partition and when I need to work with assemblies and what not I restart into bootcamp to get full performance. It’s really convenient being able to use the same windows install for both so you don’t have to keep two seperate copies synced up.

You know you can use bootcamp and parallels simultanouesly? Just install bootcamp first and you ahve the option of running windows virtually with parallels, or if you need some high powered processing, restart your comp.
Honestly, it takes like what, a minute to restart? If it takes longer, your computer is messed up and you need to do some maintenance.

I use parallels.
it is pretty nice to switch between windows and mac that quick and that is mainly the reason why i use parallels.

i installed it because i wanted to use solidworks on my macbook and it runs okay. depending on the size of the assembly …
with small assemblys you won´t have any problems.

I run Pro/E Wildfire 4 on my MBP 17" Unibody 3.06Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo with 4Gb 1067Mhz DDR3 OSX10.5
I started out with Parallels, but found Fusion was much faster. I don’t run bootcamp because I need to access Mail and iTunes.
It’s nice to have all my Mac apps running in Spaces pane #1 and Pro/E running in pane #2 and be able to switch panes instantly.

I was at Solidworks World 2010 and heard they will port to OSX and Linux. Not sure when.

Hey, if you heard at Solidworks World they will port to Mac OS X, that is huge! The president of Solidworks has said in the past it wouldn’t happen! Of course, when is the big question.

For now, I highy recommend Bootcamp. I run SolidWorks via bootcamp, if I need to go to OSX, I restart. It’s a hassle, but it only takes seconds, the new Macs are so fast, it won’t take long. Sure, you can’t get your mail, but I can deal with it.

In Bootcamp, you have full CPU power running SolidWorks and I’d rather have that.