has an engineer I think PC is the way to go for the cad

but new Mac os thing… runs so much better then window I was surprise by the ability to run different software at the same time …that is crazy…and the exposee keys…and stuff …very useful…no virus on macs it seem…I didn’t think unix was that powerful…I’m hoping that when longhorn for windows come out (2006)maybe… I hope it will catch up with the mac tiger…windows needs to copy some of the function and efficiency of mac…I hope

this topic get old quick.

i appreciate the “enhanced” user refinements of the mac os and id-wise apple’s hardware is always great eye candy but the fact is in the industry, most id folk will be using high end cad software that works best (if not only works) on pc’s.

if you only intend to stick with graphics, editing, etc. by all means go for a mac but if you are seriously heading for the consulting gig, or want to get your skills up for the id workface in general, a pc is your best bet in the near future. when you are pocketing bling from your new bleeding edge designs, spoil yourself with the g5, fuck off huge lcd screen, the works & a powerbook but for now set your sites on getting a foot in the door.

what was said earlier about transferable formats is too true and most business that will use your skills, even in the graphics department, will be working on pc’s. IT departments love their linux setups, adore the mac, but at the end of the day running an office full of windows-losers is much easier (and has probably been that way for a long time).

mac has a long way to go before will be the standard in the companies you will do, or work for. spend your money and time wisely for now.