MAC vs PC in ID

I will be attending RIT’s grad program for ID in the fall. I’ve been a PC guy for a while but am considering the cross over. I’ve heard rumors that MAC is the way to go as far as design is concerned. HELP ME PLEASE!!!

you are wrong

even apple uses PC’s for their industrial design. pretty much every 3D cad package only runs on a pc (alias, solidworks, rhino, proE, etc)

for graphics and video mac is very common, but never for ID.


New Macs (Intel) will run all of these programs, and run them well. No Windows or Linux PC can run OSX.

I just recently bought a MAC (Mac book pro). I’m telling you the thing works just fine with all the programs mentioned above. ^^

I am running Rhino 3.0 via Parallels running Win2K on a MacBook Pro 17". Runs great. Not being able to run Rhino or SolidWorks was the only thing that kept me from going back to Mac.

I do all of my modeling and animation in Cinema4D, so I wouldn’t need a PC.I also won’t have to deal with the awful licensing procedure that keeps me from using Alias. Apart from the user interface, I find the Mac’s graphics quality much better compared to a PC when showing presentations on a video projector.