MAC to become a nice looking PC

Mac is set to use intel… one step closer to being a PC.

Discuss… now…

bound to happen…

PCs WIN!!!

war of the ages… now what?

you got schwanky looking PCs now bitchesssssssss

I used to think nice computers process information faster, until I found out the had the same processor

I have been a PC dude all of my life, who wanted a mac sooo bad. Then I got a job at a newspaper that used macs. People always told me that MACS were so much faster and more stable. I can’t really comment on speed because I did not notice any difference as far as that was concerned, but I will say that the mac crashed all of the time. I could work on large vector art files on a PC and have experienced 1 crash EVER with windows XP. The G4 mac went down all of the time.

I love the look of the macs from a hardware and OS standpoint, and they do have some nice features to them. I just don’t understand why some Graphics people act like your not a real designer unless you run a mac.

I just wish fonts were fully interchangable on each system

maybe this change will bring the two closer to fully compatible files, that is what would really be best for the end user.

its ALL marketing…
people are fools.

also… generally MOST designers are irrational and not very logical. AS SUPPOSED to other professionals in post higher-education fields.

(notice “generally” and “most”)

My dual AMD system will smoke a mac and leave nothing but ashes.

Sure, but its still an AMD.

I can’t believe people are having “big swinging dick” contests over what kind of processor their preferred computer uses.


I can’t believe it.

That comment was just as valid over a decade ago when IBM was producing their PowerPC chips.

I’d rather discuss what the new killer app will be that will actually require better processors for typical consumers.

I’d rather see innovation go into the software: particularly on how to better organize and manage all my new digital stuff (music, photos, etc.) Apple is leading the pack here, and Longhorn appears to be sinking fast (read Dvorak’s new column in PC mag.)


what do you htink?



one exciting thing is that you will be able to load up windows now on a mac… so for all of you people that would love to be on a mac because of the way it looks, but formally couldn’t because of your software needs can now rejoice.

This will only help sell more macs in my opinion.

but you know what they say about opinions don’t you…

My department is getting all new macs. I’m the only pc guy (I got a sweet new HP workstation & I run a Area 51 at Home …Deathmatch!!!) With the new OS on the macs the department has to get all new software, how can that be justified? I had to update just 1 version of software back when Windows 3.0 updated to Windows 95 and I thought that was horrible (I was a mac guy back then).

The last time I replaced a PC I got a new workstation & a G4 (a few years ago), the G4 was much slower than the old PC that I was replacing.

Here in my office we have mac g4’s, some older p4 intel boxes, and a new 64bit amd system. Out of the three my favourite is the new 64bit. Compared to the mac and even the intel boxes it has been much more stable and is able to handle more difficult modeling and rendering tasks. The macs seem to crash every half hour in comparison.

I was sad to hear that Apple is ditching IBM because they really do make a good product. I have an old IBM Aptiva that I bought back in '98 and despite having the smallest hard drive on the planet and a really difficult chassis to work with it is still a solid, well built, really usefull machine.

The big thing to remember though is that Apple is a speck on the income graph over at IBM and it will be the same at Intel. The reason they are dumping IBM is because Apple was demanding more R&D to develop Mac specific mobile processors that eat fewer batteries. IBM took one look at the money and orders they were getting and said no way.

Intel looks more attractive because they already have technologies like the centrino and pentium m that are laptop specific and designed to use less power. Apple sees this as a way to get around their R&D problems and get some better chips inside all those powerbooks. If you look at Apples most recent reports it also makes sense because Ipod sales have fallen and there is a lot of product getting dusty on retail shelves. The only thing that is still moving is the laptop line.

IBM honestly could care less about their deal with Apple because they have a deal to produce the next generation of gaming processors for the Sony Playstation 3 and others. They look to make far more profit doing that than Apple could ever give them, the bottom line is that they only need to be responsible to their shareholders, not Apple’s.





One main thing---- > I have both a Mac and PC at work and 2 PCs at home… my mac never gets a virus or any spyware… the PCs on the other hand seem to get coutless infections… but without them no Rhino :frowning:

That would be great if I could run windows os on a mac without virtualpc which limits ram allocation.

you should learn more about computing before you run yours mouths off
when it comes to MACs VS PCs…you all rant and rage over knee jerk reactions.

The difference between PowerPC and x86 processors is how it chews data.

The OS will still be different and the MAC’s lack of cad is in my mind the biggest problem.

CAD programs are programmed using Windows libraries… Mac OS X has their own set of libraries…there is the problem with porting the programs to a different OS

What it will do is make Virtual PC MUCH MUCH faster since it doesn’t have to do CPU translation.

you must not have read these entire discussion…

it isn’t a MAC VS PC argument…

it is a “wow, my mac can run windows now” discussion…

There will not be a need for virtual PC…

Those who need to run cad packages can now run them on the mac hardware…

you really should read before you jump in at the end and stomp your feet and wave your hands…

now back to our discussion.

thanks for your “help”

Does this mean that you’ll finally be able to upgrade your Mac’s CPU when it becomes slugish like most of us do with our PC’s.

another good potential. Dude i am so excited about this

The popular press is saying the opposite: it’s a “wow, my PC can run OSX now” discussion.

You know this is why Jobs is doing it–he learned his lesson when he caved and released the Windows version of iPod. PC platform = volume. Microsoft = very rich with a lesser OS and nothing great to come in the forseeable future.