Mac Store Training Bait and Switch

I purchased a MacBook Pro in the SoHo store last December with my wife (joint christmas present). At the checkout the sales person sold us a One-on-one training package for an extra $99. They told my wife and I that we could use one training package card for both of us if we showed up together for the training (perfect for us - because both of us are new-bees). We did the class together a couple of times in December together with no issues - then returned in May and were told we needed to buy another $99 card if we both wanted to sit in on a training. I bitched up a storm - but the sales guy told me “I am sorry we allowed people to take the class together before, but if you read the recept you signed (aka the fine print) it clearly says one person only”. This was a pretty crappy customer service experience. We drove 90 miles into the city - so we were basicaly screwed. Anyone else have this same experience?