mac speakers

I have a Mac G5, and am looking for the best sound system so I can really enjoy music (and movies). Should I just get a home theater surround system?

Are you planing on listening to music from your computer? I’m assuming so from your mention of the G5.

Before I moved to a larger apartment with a proper office, I did this. I even had my computer in another room. I had my receiver and stereo in the living room, and my computer in the room just next to it. I bought an audio source selector that had RCA plugs on it. Then I ran about 20 feet of cable through the wall and plugged it in my stereo. I kept a pair of speakers next to my computer. So depending on where I was I could listen to my mp3’s (YKH: 99% legally downloaded radio shows or streaming audio).

If you really like music, I think you need to run your mp3s through a stereo. For advice on that, I would recommend Consumer Reports buying guide. You can probably find this at your local library. It gives you a run down of the technologies in audio that is easy to understand.

There’s alot of good systems out there cheap. Let us know what you find!

I have an ipod and got the creature speakers as a gift… besides using the system for my ipod, I hooked them up to my dvd player and was happily surprised at the sound quality for movies. for 99bucks you cant go wrong, and beats having a rack of bulky equipment. Go to a best buy or something and check em out.

I just have a pair of old Yamaha monitor speakers (YST-M10, if you care) that use a regular 1/8" audio cable. They work beautifully for me and my G5, and the hundreds of movies and MP3s that have been pumped through them.

If you want bling-bling to match what I assume is an Apple Cinema display…
If you want a 5.1 set-up without running wire…
But I may be biased :sunglasses: