I am wondering if I can somehow program or install mac programs or get my pocket pc-to run as a mac…I heard something about it-will try and find and post-

I have an O2 (brand) Xda2 Pocket PC

I just really want it to snyc with my mac—I can send files from my comp to the device through bluetooth, but can go from device to comp—

any suggestions would be great- thanks


  • no need to start a mac VS pc battle in this thread-but usually happens

nothing, huh?? anyone—something???

Dunno, try searching for “mac emulator” in the Pocket PC section.

thank you-will do

check this out !!!

still trying to understand it—

It means the mac isn’t running on the pocket PC. He’s simply using a remote-desktop application to “log into” his powerbook over the internet.

Just curious, but why do you want to do this anyway? Don’t you think a mac desktop would be an inferior way to use a handheld device? I’d be more interested in running the Newton OS.

newton os way too old-need to run the new programs-no problem just that i primerally use mac and kinda a hassle with my pocket pc and sync-so i am getting a program called the missing sync-it will snyc with the pocket pc and the mac.

the pocket pc i have is also a phone and multimedia-so i really use it alot and would love to be my walk around mac with me- i have a mac laptop 12inch and 15-but sometimes cant take it everywhere-and i get hundreds of emails and need to always be able to communicate through emails and snyc with my mail (mac mail)

I am not really interested in turning my pocket pc-to sync with my itunes-i have an ipod and holds tons of mucic and my pocket pc could even hold that much music. really just need it for business on the go-