MAC password

I “inherited” a mac from a friend that moved out of the country, and I’ve been using it pretty lightly. Now I tried to install some programs, and I come to find out I need to be an “administrator” to change the system’s configurations…

Is there any way I can bypass that security? (without losing all the installed programs)?

Thanks a hoot.

Can’t think of any offhand without wiping the disk. You won’t be able to reinstall the OS either to get access without the password. Your friend isn’t reachable out of the country, mail, phone, etc?

you could either burn the apps and files to cds or transfer to a separate HD before wiping the main HD

You can do that, just make sure you install the OSX from scratch on the new blank hardrive.
Hopefully they left the program installers on the old machine, not sure if you can just drag and drop programs with OSX the way you could with the old systems. This new version seems much more complicated, and things go into a lot of different places. You may still have a problem if the admin had the program folders locked (to prevent accidental erasure, etc). Those settings might stay with the folders even if you copy it to another drive, I’m not completely positive about that though. I don’t think too many people would do that unless other people were also using their machine.

isnt there a way to boot from a disk or use the ROOT feature and using some sudo commands to bypass admin security?

Yeah, I’ve had to do this a few times. I’d recommend finding some good resource such as a book or portion of the website that explains it, because all I remember is booting off of the disk and removing the administrator.

If it’s running OS X, you just need the OS X installer CD to reset the administrator password. No data loss. Just boot from the CD (start up holding down C with the CD in the drive) and you’ll be good to go.

That is, assuming he hasn’t given it an Open Firmware password. But I wouldn’t worrry about that, since I’ve only encountered one mac in my life where the person knew how to do that and actually had a reason to.

When I inherited my office MAC, I had the same issue. The admin window would pop up looking for a password. I would just hit the enter button without typing in a password and it let me in. Try it - can’t hurt.