Mac over PC in the design arena

hello all, i am studying “Industrial Design”. i have been a PC user from a long time and now i am thinking of upgrading my PC to a laptop. then i have other idea also about going for ‘Mac’. can any one suggest that which machine (Mac/PC) is good for industrial designers and what all Design software is available for Mac and how is easy to manage it after you purchase it in terms of multiple investments for software, as we get lot of software even freeware for PC. how much fortune will go in buying software for Mac.

IS it a good idea to go for a Mac ??

Hi, let me help you with your question, but first im gonna tell you that i´ve been a mac user five or six years ago, until now that im running both a mac (powerbook g4) and a Pc laptop (Sony Vaio k35f).

Im gonna tell you first the pro´s of both Mac and Pc platform that i found during my daily work:


First of all Mac´s are bullet proof, what does i mean?, it simply, in my six years of being a mac user only once i suffered a system crash (and it was an accident), and when it happened it was very quick and easy to fix it.
In second place i never had to buy a anti virus software, simply a never needed.
Other cool things abuot being a mac user are that it is really a very stable OS and also very intuitive, it runs several applications at the same time with now crash (obviously you need a lot of ram for design applications, i myself have 768 megas) usually i run photoshop, illustrator, painter, solidthinking (a modeller), and some video edition applications without a single trouble, and when some stuff is compatible with mac even you doesn´t need to install it and it works great since the first time.

conclusion: im in love with my mac


Last december i just buy a PC laptop just for one single reason: The 3d modellers like rhino but above all to practice alias. That is all, i tried to buy a good machine to run this specific software (p4 at 3.02ghz, 512 in ram, 64 of video), and that´s all, the only point i find very cool on pc is that you have a lot of options for modelling software (alias, rhino, solidworks, ashlar, 3d studio, etc) and rendering.

conclusion: i need a pc

Bad things about Mac

Well i just told you the modelling area is not as vast as in the pc world, in mac i bought solidthinking modeller but in the cheapest version wich doesnt included a render module, so i felt stoled.
There are some very good options for design modelling in mac: ashlar, solidthinking, form Z, Maya, but no a lot more.

Bad things about PC

Well i hate all the virus and antivirus stuff that are constantly appearing on the screen.


If your area is not the 3d modelling dont even doubt it, buy a mac you are gonna love it in less than a month of hard work. I have a good friend working on VW and he told me that he only uses a G5 mac to sketch on the computer, but nothing else… …so good luck with your choose!

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The best platform for design is your brain. everything else is just a tool with pros and cons.