Mac or PC?

This is the question. How many of you use Macs or PCs at work? How many use a Mac or PC at home?

PC for both.

PC at both but am thinking of getting a mac at home.

Apple at work - mainly Illustrator and Photoshop

PC at home - for 3d software applications

I use PC at home and at work, but I want to get a Mac and install the Boot Camp so I can have the best of two worlds in just one computer…


check this thread. same question.



Does it really matter anymore?

How many times can this be asked?

And has anyone seen any cheap lofts near Pratt?

as long as there are pc’s and mac’s…thank the ghods and godesses that the atari and amiga went away (maybe not) as then the question would be 6 times more common. Yo, come on “cheap” and “loft” are a mutual exclusvie, if you got to ask what it costs you cant afford it. :laughing:

Sorry, it’s a bit of a long time poster inside joke… a couple of years ago Pratt told entering freshmen to use the c77 boards as a networking tool, and the site was flooded with a couple hundred incoming freshmen wondering whether to get a mac or a PC, looking for cheap lofts, and where tonight’s party was…

In simpler terms, the question has been asked to death.

Well not asking where a good party is thats a timeless question and should be asked often :laughing: the others…well different matter.

So… Where is the party? :smiley:

Maybe we could go to the 1HDC winner’s house and test the wii :stuck_out_tongue:

And next, we will be asking… Wii, Xbox or Playstation???

I’m 15 and I’m serious about designing and stuff, and I do alot of graphics design small freelance stuff. Right now I use my PC, it’s pretty old but good enough, and my cousin just bought me a pretty good laptop, ASUS brand. I don’t think I need the best computer on the market right now, so I’m just using these 2 for now, both are PC. But when I get older, prob when I graduate from HS I’ll def want to switch to a Mac, hopefully get a macbook pro.

a ’ Personal Computer ’ is a combination of parts and processes, most of which are not manufactured by mac or its competitors.

The question now should be, which factory produces the best components and what is the best combination of those components compared to price.

In the past, my preference for Video Card has been the GVX1, my favorite chip was the AMD T-bird.

What is the stuff to get these days for minimal bottle necks while doing high end CAD & Graphics, Solidworks, Adobe, Pro E, etc??



One thing PC users can do that Mac users can’t: One thing PC users can do that Mac users can't...

Will, I take it you’re a Apple fan?

You bet, what was your first clue? :laughing:

Your other NSFW post in the iPhone Hack thread in OT. I love em, they are funny as hell to read.