MAC OR PC? What do your schools have?

I wanted to know what your schools are using mostly in the world of computers? My school is almost 100% MAC which is ok when im in the lab working, but i am a pc person myself. I think you can get a lot more for your money, and they are better and easier to upgrade. Do most design schools go with apple? I know my last school was mostly mac as well? Can you work in PC and switch over to MAC and somehow convert files, say if i were working with alias?

Graphic Dept: Mac
ID/interior design Dept: PC
Multimedia: PC
Fashion: Mac
Not sure about film, sound and video Dept.

I am going to get a Labtop PC.

daap has both, used to have pc and mac labs (not sure how they’re doing it this year, heard they’re changing computer labs). we (students) have to buy our own laptops…
architecture/interior: mac
graphic: mac
digital: mac
id: pc
fashion: pc
At least that was how it was when I was an incoming freshman in 2002, it seems they change computer requirements every year.

my college was mostly Mac.
If you are in ID, then PC is the only way.
Mac doesn’t support any good 3D softwware.
Also, you will spend twice as much on a Mac.

My school have’s PCs and some MACs. It´s a cost thing mostly.
MAC’s can support good 3D programs like rhino 3D if you run a virtual PC sofware on it.
For me, it’s a matter of likes.
I prefer MAC.