Mac illustrator file for laser cutting


new here, I was hoping someone could help me out with this… please.

I’m trying to have a part laser cut, but I’m on a mac using illustrator.
I sent my cutter an exported dxf and dwg file, but he says it keeps converting the lines to small splines instead of arcs.

Is there some program I can get / buy to make a better conversion?


ask the person what file format they prefer.

Graphic arts laser cutters use vector files, send them your .ai file.

yeah, illustrator does that unfortunately. the dwg/dxf it outputs is garbage. I used to have CAD tools for ill, it was nice but I don’t know if it really helps this problem. Check this out: Hot Door - Resources - DWGconversion

Thanks Benny,

I’ve tried CAD tools, but it seems to do the same thing when you export…

Has anyone ever tried this?
It’s look cheap ($49) - although a little dirty…

hey T,

you may want to check out other services too. a friend of mine has a company in Philadelphia & can work with just about any file format, including native illustrator. I’ve used him to lasercut both native illustrator and DXF(AutoCad created files) without any problem. the company is Lasermation.

good luck.

Have you tried an .EPS file? I used to have to transfer my AI stuff into EPS open it in Corel to send it to the laser cutter. But whoever runs the machine should know for sure.