Mac and Solidworks

I know this topic about Macs and PCs comes up often but I thought I would through this out there as I am not a real tech guy. I have a copy of Solid works 2005 on my home PC at the moment and am looking to get a new home computer and was looking at a new Imac. I was going to do the whole Boot Camp thing and put windows on it to run the solidworks but wanted to see if any of you have had this experience and how well it works on a mac. Could you guys let me know if this a good idea? Should I go with another PC instead? Thanks for the help.

I’ve used SW 08 on my MacBook Pro with VMware Fusion and it worked fine. No complaints.
I did however render on a PC.

I’ve read, 09 is supposed to be even faster. How well it will work with 05, I don’t know.