MA or Undergrad

Hi guys, so I’ve been in a dilemma for a few months now, I hope you guys can help me out :smiley: .

So I got my undergrad degree in Graphics Design which I don’t like at all, thus I want to go Product but I don’t know if I should redo my undergrad program or if I should apply for a MA in the product field. What do you guys think about it? Will I miss some important subjects such as ergonomics if I take the MA?

C’mon guys, nothing?

I know the Master’s program at Virginia Tech for ID requires you to take some of the basic ID courses (such as Human Factors and Ergonomics) so you wouldn’t miss those sorts of things.

I don’t know about other schools though.

it’s an important question, that’s had lots of debate here on other threads.
use the search function, read up, and come back with some more specific questions.

also, tell us what you don’t like about GD and what you’re interested in designing after school.