MA of Industrial Desing Australia

This will probalby bring up nothing but what the heck, I’ll give it a shot.

I am a 3d animator from Greece with a BA of Arts of a British Uni in 3D animation and multimedia production, who has been working 2 years now for an advertising agency as a 3D graphics designer for convention kiosks and promotional objects, plus some graphic designer stuff.
These past years I cocnluded that the advertising industry is not for me and Industrial Desing seems like a great way out! Unfortunately Greece really has nothing to offer concerning studies, so I am thinking of applying for a Master’s Degree in Australia (plus some other reasons which make Oz the only option as far as studies is concerned). The problem is I have no previous studies on ID, thought I have a feel and understanding of engineering, and I am worried that this might be a lost cause. I cannot take another 4 year undergraduate course because it would just drag on for too long…I’m 24 and happily married.
Can anyone presume what my chances are or does anyone know about someone who has done something like this?


I think that UTS in Sydney has a post grad design course. i am not sure about it and you should check their website but i am sure they have some kind of a design cource. Last year’s winner of the Australian design award was a post grad design student from UTS.

uts (universty of technology sydney) does have a master of design, graduate diploma and graduate certificate of design. they are not industrial design specific but are more generalist in nature as it is intended for many different design disciplines. with the degree you have it is highly likely that you woould be able to enter the masters program but you will not learn anything about industrial design.

if you do not have a degree or one that is recognised by uts then you may be able to enroll in the certificate course then progress to teh masters.

up until last year the university of new south wales (unsw) offered a master of industrial design and a master of design. the later course being for people with undergrad id degrees and teh former course for people with degrees in engineering, architecture etc who want t become industrial designers. unfortunately both courses have been canned.

over the past 12 months i have done a lot of research re master of industrial design courses and i can basically say that if you want to enter a postgrad industrial design course in australia then you will need an undergrad degree in id.

good luck in your searching.

what is ur opinion for an architect to join masters in ID in AUSTRALIAN UNIV.
how @ UTS? > :confused: >