MA industrial design

I have a question. If I were to get a degree in something like graphic/interior design but take classes closely related to ID, then get a master’s in ID, would that make me a competitive applicant for an Industrial design job? I live in Oregon, and really can’t afford to move out of state. Is the masters in ID helpful or pretty useless?

1st, What do you really want to do more?

2nd, Since you ask whether or not an ID Master’s is useful I guess you’ve read the debate and already have an opinion. Having a job is the very best education/credential period.

PS: Peraps our kindly moderator, YO would sort out some of those grad school threads and link to them…?

Wouldn’t it be less expensive both in time and money to just move and get an undergrad in ID?

I’m glad to see I’m not the only person to get their Masters in the Obvious, you beat me to it.

unfortunately, you’re all assuming that it’s easy to transfer credits- most schools limit the amount, even for a dual degree at the same school, because they are a business and want your $$

given the above, it may not be cheaper or quicker for a grad vs undergrad.

no way to really know without going to the school available and ask.

agree that one degree or another, or even grade point does not make you more competitive in such a competitive field. skills and thinking do. the degree, based on your participation while earning it, can certainly hone your skills and thinking - which will make you more competitive.

sorry to say there don’t seem to be any shortcuts…