MA in industrial design?

Royal College of Art seems to focus on the creative part of design (apart from it’s engineering MA), Art Center focuses on sketching, Pratt Institute focuses on three dimensional form, and Domus Academy focuses on emotional design and presentation…

…but which schools focuses on the industrial and production aspects of design (perhaps even usability aspects)? So far, I only know of UmeÃ¥ in Sweden.

Can anyone give me other examples (preferrably high profile ones)?

You can’t learn more about manufacturing and human factors then hands on experience from working in the industry. No school can prepare you enough for these two areas.

Yet some schools try.

Some schools lets you go out and work with companies and some schools bring companies in to work with them.

Again, what schools specialize in industiral and production aspects of design, please?

perhaps you should look at schools with strong engineering programs.
one’s with degrees in manufacturing methods and materials sciences.
Perdue or Ohio State type programs that would encourage interdepartmental coursework…why the focus on engineerings’ functions?

A professor at UID (UmeÃ¥) told me that if RCA was Konstfack, Loughborough would be UmeÃ¥. (pointing out Lboros focus on feasible evidence-based and user-centered design by comparing Sweden’s d schools to UK’s)

You should look into Loughborough University, Brunel and Northumbria (all in UK, all quite well known). I think Brunel may be better for engineering aspect, while lboro has an extraordinary ergonomics department.

Anybody care to comment on how Umea measures up?