MA Fashion Design in U.S.

Please tell me…
MA Fashion Design in U.S.
Which school? how about Academy of Art? in Los Angeles

There are several schools that offer an MS in fashion design - almost any that offer BS in Fashion/Apparel. Cornell University, Florida State, Minnesota, North Carolina State University. Cornell has an excellent program. But why an MA in fashion? If you want to teach, then an MA or a PhD is necessary, depending on the type of school/program in which you want to teach. If you want to go into industry and be a designer, then just do that. In most cases, that experience is worth more than the advanced degree. But if you want the advanced degree, then go for it. You’ll learn a lot, about yourself as much as about design.

That’s why go to FIDM because it is only a year after you finish your Bachelors in Fashion. Plus, it is in L.A.

Yes, all of the schools that have BA’s in fashion have MA programs too- University of Minnesota also has a PhD program.
they have master’s programs because they need Teaching assistants for their studio classes… Which means that if you go there as a grad student, you can get funded to do research, or get a teaching assistant, unlike a lot of other design majors!
I’m at cornell now in the MA program in Apparel design, and if you really like research and teaching, it’s really rewarding. My school as well as places like Philadelphia and Kansas state have fiber science studies under the same dept, and studying fashion theory, costume history, fit and patternmaking technologies, and functional clothing design is possible at cornell (and also at NC state and Alabama and Oklahoma, etc.)
However, if you just want to design pretty clothes and learn how to sew, etc. and get a job in the apparel industry as a merchandiser or designer, you might consider doing another undergraduate program.

I would try to go overseas to do your degree if you can.

Central St.Martins and Royal College of Art in London

Instutute Francais de la Mode in france

check out savannah college of art and design

I am a fashion design student based in stockholm and i would like to give you some pointers about some of the best schools of fashin design.

Central Saint Martins in London UK.

Istituto Marangoni in London or Milano.

Royal Collage of Fashion London.

The Westminster Fashion University in London

The London Fashion College.

The Istituto di Moda Burgo In Milano.

These are some of the best schools in the world. I hope that you find what you are looking for.

Sincerly: Claudio Perugia

FIDM only offers Associate degrees.

The 2 year associate (for those straight out of high school or little college).
The associate “professional designate” for those with degree in another field.
The associate “advanced study” for those with art or fashion degress already or another FIDM degree.

The school has a carreer focus, and that’s not to say it wouldn’t be appropriate for someone with a degree already, but it doen’t offer MA.

I would think someone considering MA should look for a school that is geared toward the areas of interest and facilities that best fit. FIDM can put a Fashion 101 twist to previous coursework and I think there are other threads that discuss this scholl in more detail.

Philadelphia University was formerly known as Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science. They are the oldest textile school in the country and have a massive network in the fashion industry - in all aspects - manufacturing, engineering, design, etc…

Can’t really go wrong with a degree from there if you want to enter the fashion world

Parsons recently announced that they will start a ‘professorship’ that will eventually become an MA in Fashion:

Not sure how I feel about the DK connection…