MA & design thinking?


I’m loking for a Masters program in the US that is more than just ‘two more years in product design’.

The ideal would be a user centered approach, transdisciplinary curriculum (not just product but open to service, interaction solutions, graphic…) more conceptual than engineering program, more from an arts &human sciences faculty than a sciences one. I’ve seen some, but as I’m living in Europe, can’t really get some first hand information (or personally visit the centers), so I’ll appreciate any clues!

Parsons’ Transdisciplinary design sounds fine to me but as it’s a new one nobody seems to know anything about it. Same reason I can’t check any alumni portfolio etc…

Stanford’s seems to be IDEO’s source but you have to be enroled to a graduate at stanfords, and the one in ID doesn’t seem anything special to me…

Cranbrook looks nice but i’m quite disappointed with the student’s work… if it’s all about conceptual furniture I’ll rather go to Eindhoven academy.
Pratt? CCA? RSID? All of them great reputation,but do they have differential MA offer?

Any feedback would be strongly appreciated

IIT and ASU are both highly regarded masters programs - they also offer Phd
GaTech and CMU are very research oriented and highly ranked Masters,
UC (Craig Vogel’s design research institute) has an interdisciplinary design Masters.

never heard of them before, I’ll defenitelly check them!

I would ,love to have advice from alumni of the mentioned schools… anyone?

i’d go to the school’s websites and find some current students/recent grads’ emails. is carnegie mellon. go to community > grads

that is a fantastic idea.