MA Design Studies - Central St. Martins ?


I was wondering if anyone familiar with a one year MA design studies at CSM. My plan changed a little bit after I’ve been rejected from RCA. I’m interested in applying, but was wondering what can I do with the degree and if the program is well received in the industry. I would really appreciate your comments.

In a similar position to yourself.

Take a look here

One thing it’s a two year course 3 days a week. Feedback on the message boards has not been great for the course. Looking through past shows from former students (which in my opinion is a good reflection of the course) is a mixed bag. Some projects I found inspiring others really unimpressive. I don’t think its nearly as good as RCA but in the UK for a masters I don’t think there is that much of an alternative.

Would appreciate anyone reading the boards, who is on the course at the moment providing an insight if they could?