M.Arch - what undergrad is required

What undergrad degree is required to get into a masters in architecture? Is only a architecture baccalaureate the only degree acceptable? I always wondered this.

any degree will do.

funny, since there’s a glut of architects and they keep making it harder to get a licence, they should restrict admissions to grad programs - but they don’t.

what does getting the license afterward entail? a difficult state-regulated exam plus lots of money?

*yep i’ve noticed that there certainly IS a glut of architects out there. I always wondered how they survive. do they find work independently or work for a big firm as just another “employee”?

minimum 3 years work, then passing a hard 3day state exam.

and basicly they work for peanuts for the first 15 years.

any degree will do but the length of the program will vary depending on your background. at my university there were 3 levels of arch. masters programs:
option 1 - for people holding a B.Arch, was a 1 yr program basically only necessary if someone wants to teach as they already hold a professional degree.
option 2 - for people holding a bachelor in math/science with architecture as their major - a 2 yr program necessary to be able to eventually take a license test.
option 3 - for any background, a 3 yr program.

that’s interesting, I’d heard that the B.Arch was going away since it’s insufficient to ever take the exam. Schools are just offering 5 yr Masters instead…

(Back to OP, you don’t need to be an architect to design or build something. 90% of the US construction dosen’t use an Arch. Just needs to pass code + have Civil Eng stamp.)